Singing increases life expectancy and saves from cancer
Swedish scientists At the University of Gothenburg have found that choral singing prolongs life. Singing along with yoga helps to control the state of the body and improve the work…

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What do your musical preferences depend on
Music can be called a universal language. Regardless of the language in which certain songs are performed, for some reason we want to listen to certain music, even if we…

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Sound and memory
Have you noticed yourself? You can't remember the phone number or the intercom code, but as soon as your hand touches the digital scoreboard, your fingers type in the desired…

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What is rock and roll, the history of rock and roll

Rock and roll
Rock and roll literally stirred the youth of America in the mid-50s of the last century. And then the whole world. And while young men and women sang along to popular singers and lit up on dance floors, their parents opposed “innovations” in the music world. Why did this style become so popular and why did it become a bone of contention between generations? This is not just our page.

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How do I treat my vocal cords when I lose my voice?

The first thing you should understand for yourself, as with any disease, treatment started in time after a cold will lead to recovery much faster. Therefore, as soon as you feel the first symptoms, we advise you to immediately take a set of measures aimed at treating the vocal cords.

Second, it is necessary to exclude the loss of voice due to causes unrelated to the disease of the ligaments, for example, pathology of the nervous system, accompanied by a violation of the innervation of the larynx and throat. These are usually serious reasons that require a serious medical approach, and often surgery. Continue reading

Playing musical instruments is a “panacea” for dementia?”

California scientists have made really impressive conclusions about the beneficial effects of music on the human brain.

In their unusual study, they found that playing musical instruments contributes to a significant reduction in the risk of dementia in older people — this was concluded by scientists based on their research.

So, based on the study, classes on various musical instruments reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s syndrome and other types of dementia by 36%! Continue reading

Sergey Lemeshev-Great tenor of Russia (p1)
At the Bolshoi theater, Sergey Yakovlevich often performed on stage when Boris emmanuelovich Haikin was at the console. Here's what the conductor said about his partner: "I met and performed…


How to take low notes?
Most vocalists don't pay enough attention to getting their voice to take low notes clean and deep. However, if your specialty is jazz or pop vocals, low notes will help…


Music is good for the heart and blood vessels
Music is good for the heart Listening to your favorite music is good for the health of the heart and blood vessels, scientists from the University of Maryland have found,…