The effect of music on water: the ennobling and destructive effects of sounds
Every moment a person is surrounded by millions of sounds of different keys and types. Some of them help him navigate in space, others he enjoys purely in aesthetic terms,…

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The voice that nature has given to man is able to transmit sounds not only in conversation and expression of emotions, but also when singing. The melody of the human…

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Music and hypnotic state (p2)
The scientist concluded that a musical tempo equal to 60 beats per minute increases the so-called alpha activity of the brain, which is associated with relaxation, by 6%. At the…

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Teaching adults to play the piano: how to keep motivated?

For students who start learning piano in childhood, the question of motivation is not worth it: parents, teachers and annual exams do not allow you to relax and throw classes. Adults have to constantly look for an incentive to find time, energy and money for regular rehearsals.

Here we have collected 5 tips that will help you stay motivated at all stages of training.

Play what you like
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What is rock and roll, the history of rock and roll 

In the late 50s, headlines began to appear in Newspapers: “Rock’ n ‘ roll is dead.” The fans had a lot to think about. After all, Elvis was drafted into the army, Chuck berry received a prison sentence, #Gerri_li_luis lost the respect of fans because of marrying a minor, and #Baddi_holly and Richie Valens were tragically killed in a plane crash. Who can continue the galaxy of hits and inflame the hearts of young people? The fab four. The Beatles managed to give rock ‘ n ‘ roll a different sound and make the whole world go crazy for their songs. But this is a new stage in the development of music. Continue reading

Influence of music on a person’s character and mind

I can’t imagine my life without the music of Linkin Park, NSync, Backstreet Boys, Gubin, Zhigitter and Muzart. I like rock, alternative rock, jazz, classical, Blues and the sound of simple dombra very much.

I noticed that people who have about the same preferences for music as me are similar to me in character. Speech, gestures, social behavior, dress patterns, and other factors indicate that people who listen to almost the same music as me are very similar to me.
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How do I treat my vocal cords when I lose my voice?
The first thing you should understand for yourself, as with any disease, treatment started in time after a cold will lead to recovery much faster. Therefore, as soon as you…


The Mozart effect – music, increases the intelligence
The beneficial effect of classical music on a person has been discussed for a long time. Pregnant women are even advised to listen to such music so that the baby…


Why does the piano have 88 keys?
The standard piano has 88 keys: 52 white and 36 black. But who decided that this number would be the norm and why? Before the invention of the piano, composers…