The sounds that feed the brain with energy (p1)
"Some sounds are just as effective as a couple of cups of coffee," says Alfred Tomatis, an outstanding French expert in the field of hearing research. This means that we…

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How do I treat my vocal cords when I lose my voice?
The first thing you should understand for yourself, as with any disease, treatment started in time after a cold will lead to recovery much faster. Therefore, as soon as you…

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What do your musical preferences depend on
Music can be called a universal language. Regardless of the language in which certain songs are performed, for some reason we want to listen to certain music, even if we…

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How do I read chord fingerings?

Before you start learning to play the guitar, you need to remember the string numbering. Many novice guitarists think that the first string is the one on top. In fact, the first string is the thinnest, it is located at the bottom. The top string, the thickest, is number 6.

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Interesting about the music

Music affects our brain much more deeply than any other human experience.Let’s look at some interesting facts about music.

Music helps premature babies

Children born too early need a long hospital stay in order to gain the right weight and get stronger. To speed up this process, many hospitals have resorted to the use of music. A team of canadian scientists has found that playing music to premature babies can lower their pain sensitivity and improve their eating skills, which in turn helps newborns gain weight. Hospitals use music that mimics the sounds of a mother’s heartbeat and uterine movements to lull babies born prematurely. Continue reading

Ear for music: myths and reality

Musical hearing is a set of abilities necessary for composing, performing, and actively perceiving music.

Musical hearing implies a high degree of subtlety of perception of individual musical elements or qualities of musical sounds (pitch, volume, timbre), as well as functional connections between them in a musical work (fret sense, sense of rhythm, melodic, harmonic, and other types of hearing).

Among the various types of musical hearing that are distinguished by different characteristics, the most important are: Continue reading

How can I improve my drumming technique?
Every musician, regardless of their current level, strives to improve their technique. The drum kit is part of almost any band and the sound of all other instruments depends on…


Simple guitar chords
A chord diagram is a schematic representation of a section of the fretboard where the vertical lines are guitar strings and the horizontal lines are frets. The far left vertical…


"Music is the soul of poetry, it clarifies and opens it. It makes a poetic word deeper in meaning and easier to perceive. The spirit of music in the emotional…