Music constructs the brain
Brain scans have allowed scientists to reveal how years of music practice change the brains of professional musicians. So, it was shown that the brain of musicians in certain areas…

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Precepts of a novice drummer
So, do you want to play as Steven Adler from Guns N ' Roses or Vinny Appisi from Black Sabbath? Well, that's a great goal! But be prepared to be…

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Music that heals the soul and heals the body
As you know, music can have a healing effect on a person. Well-chosen melodies are able to get rid of depression, set up a positive mood, arrange for purchases, and…

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At what age should I start learning to play the piano?

Playing the piano improves coordination, relieves stress, and improves brain plasticity. It doesn’t matter if you start playing at 6, 14, or 65. However, some benefits are particularly important for certain age groups.

This short article explains why the ideal time to start classes is right now!

1. Preschoolers and primary school students

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Should you be Einstein? “

(Tell me what you’re listening to, and I’ll tell you what your IQ is)
You are young, you consider yourself advanced, night clubs are the best place to hang out after school or work. After – a sense of well-spent time, but fresh and clear thinking, as well as the influx of new forces and energy are not observed.

Do you know that modern electronic music, as well as rock, psychologists refer to aggressive non-drug drugs (the effect of the latter on the body does not need to be explained)? Continue reading

Meaning of sounds

Sound is one of the types of information that a person receives from the surrounding world in addition to information, in addition to other senses (vision, touch, smell). Since ancient times, people have been surrounded by sounds, and most of them were unconsciously associated with certain feelings and ideas. Some-with fear (roar, screams, animal howls) others, on the contrary, have to calm and relax (the sound of sea waves, the murmur of a stream, calm breathing, the rustle of trees, the singing of birds). Some sounds, known and ubiquitous, become neutral and commonplace, while new and unknown ones, on the contrary, cause alarm and confusion. Animals can easily distinguish threatening sounds from all others. Continue reading

The sounds that feed the brain with energy (p2)
You come into this world with the ability to perceive a wide range of sounds, with the ability to perceive sounds with a frequency from 16 Hz to 20,000 Hz.…


The effect of music on the brain
Scientists at American northwestern University, led by neurologist Nina Kraus, conducted an interesting experiment that proves the direct effect of music on the brain. While reading this article, I suggest…


Task: to study the effect of music on living organisms. "Music and plants... The connection between these words seems incredible at first. One of the pioneers of studying the effect…