How can I improve my drumming technique?
Every musician, regardless of their current level, strives to improve their technique. The drum kit is part of almost any band and the sound of all other instruments depends on…

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What is rock and roll, the history of rock and roll 
In the late 50s, headlines began to appear in Newspapers: "Rock' n ' roll is dead." The fans had a lot to think about. After all, Elvis was drafted into…

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Is it possible to develop an ear for music?
We use a musical ear, and, very accurate, constantly. Without it, we wouldn't recognize people by their voices. But we can tell a lot more about our interlocutor by the…

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10 problems that only pianists will understand. In gifs

It doesn’t matter if you started learning the instrument recently, or if you have been playing the piano for several years. You will definitely be close to these problems.

1. No one to turn the page

Some pianists wouldn’t mind having a third hand that turns pages during performances and rehearsals. Seriously, technology has already gone so far, and the solution to this problem has not yet been invented. The only way out is the forScore app, which can be installed on your tablet or phone.

2. My fingers don’t work

Your brain knows which key to press and when to press it, but your fingers want to play completely different music. Take a deep breath, and keep trying. Eventually, everything will start working automatically.

3. When you try to play with cold hands

Fingers refuse to play in a cold room or after being held in the cold. If you are cold, warm up with a Cup of hot tea, then play out with the help of scales or Ganon exercises.

4. I want my fingers to be a little longer

Even if your finger length is enough for an entire octave, sooner or later you will have to play chords that require even more stretching. But don’t be afraid: you can achieve everything by training. Ask your piano teacher to show you stretching exercises and do them regularly. The main thing — do not try to “break” your palms in an attempt to take too wide a chord.

5. Pangs of conscience after missing a class

This happens even to the best of us: a deadline at work, a cold, or some kind of trouble like a leaky pipe. Do not reproach yourself too much and work out the lost time with additional independent rehearsals.

6. When you learned a difficult piece at home, but it stopped working in class

You spent a lot of time memorizing the complex bars of the piece, but when you started playing it in front of the teacher, your fingers turned to jelly. It’s commendable that you want to do your best in class, but don’t get too nervous. You need a teacher to help you, don’t be afraid of him.

7. When someone plays the piano in a movie…

and you can’t help but criticize their technique. They should have invited the piano teacher to the set!

8. When your tool fails

This doesn’t happen all of a sudden, it’s just that over time the keys start to sound a bit wrong, and over time this annoying effect gets worse. It is recommended to configure the tool at least once a year, and even better – at the beginning and end of the heating season. This way you will be able to maintain a good sound quality of the instrument for a long time, its good customizability and stable retention of the system.

9. When you transpose a complex melody

Transposing can be hard work for a beginner. Keep a Quint circle handy and be prepared to spend a decent amount of time.

10. When do you need to move the piano

Moving is always a hassle. And if you have an acoustic piano at home, it’s twice as troublesome. Save your back and your instrument-hire professionals to transport the piano.

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