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Music and color
Night. The fire of ritual fires, dance to the rhythmic beat of drums, the song of the shaman, heated movements of the body in bright clothes… Even in ancient times,…

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Simple guitar chords
A chord diagram is a schematic representation of a section of the fretboard where the vertical lines are guitar strings and the horizontal lines are frets. The far left vertical…

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Should you be Einstein? "
(Tell me what you're listening to, and I'll tell you what your IQ is) You are young, you consider yourself advanced, night clubs are the best place to hang out…

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Ear for music: myths and reality

Musical hearing is a set of abilities necessary for composing, performing, and actively perceiving music.

Musical hearing implies a high degree of subtlety of perception of individual musical elements or qualities of musical sounds (pitch, volume, timbre), as well as functional connections between them in a musical work (fret sense, sense of rhythm, melodic, harmonic, and other types of hearing).

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Music and hypnotic state (p2)

The scientist concluded that a musical tempo equal to 60 beats per minute increases the so-called alpha activity of the brain, which is associated with relaxation, by 6%. At the same time, the same musical tempo reduces the beta activity of the brain, which is primarily associated with activity and wakefulness. In General, when music with a tempo equal to 60 beats per minute, a person has a meditative relaxed state of consciousness.

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Music and hypnotic state (p1)

Hypnosis (Greek. hypnos-sleep) an Altered state of consciousness characterized by a narrowing of its volume and presumably a sharp focus on the content of the suggestion. The state of hypnosis occurs as a result of special effects of the hypnotist or purposeful self-suggestion. In a more General sense, hypnosis is a socio-medical concept of a set of techniques for purposeful verbal and sound effects on the human psyche through a certain way of inhibited consciousness, leading to the unconscious execution of various commands and reactions.

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The Mozart effect – music, increases the intelligence

The beneficial effect of classical music on a person has been discussed for a long time. Pregnant women are even advised to listen to such music so that the baby develops well and can reveal his talents. And since the 90 – ies of the XX century, there has been simply amazing information about the unique impact of Mozart’s music on the human brain. The unusual influence was called the Mozart effect. Until now, the commissioners are arguing about the nature of this phenomenon. Nevertheless, very interesting facts have already been collected.

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Influence of music on a person’s character and mind

I can’t imagine my life without the music of Linkin Park, NSync, Backstreet Boys, Gubin, Zhigitter and Muzart. I like rock, alternative rock, jazz, classical, Blues and the sound of simple dombra very much.

I noticed that people who have about the same preferences for music as me are similar to me in character. Speech, gestures, social behavior, dress patterns, and other factors indicate that people who listen to almost the same music as me are very similar to me.
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The sounds that feed the brain with energy (p2)
You come into this world with the ability to perceive a wide range of sounds, with the ability to perceive sounds with a frequency from 16 Hz to 20,000 Hz.…


What is rock and roll, the history of rock and roll
Rock and roll Rock and roll literally stirred the youth of America in the mid-50s of the last century. And then the whole world. And while young men and women…


Interesting about the music
Music affects our brain much more deeply than any other human experience.Let's look at some interesting facts about music. Music helps premature babies Children born too early need a long…


Meaning of sounds
Sound is one of the types of information that a person receives from the surrounding world in addition to information, in addition to other senses (vision, touch, smell). Since ancient…