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Exercises for voice
A few simple exercises will help rehabilitate the ligaments, even if you are a non-professional vocalist. Perform them daily 3-5 times, not forgetting about folk remedies and sea buckthorn oil.…

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The effect of music on the brain
Scientists at American northwestern University, led by neurologist Nina Kraus, conducted an interesting experiment that proves the direct effect of music on the brain. While reading this article, I suggest…

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How do I read chord fingerings?
Before you start learning to play the guitar, you need to remember the string numbering. Many novice guitarists think that the first string is the one on top. In fact,…

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10 problems that only pianists will understand. In gifs

It doesn’t matter if you started learning the instrument recently, or if you have been playing the piano for several years. You will definitely be close to these problems.

1. No one to turn the page

Some pianists wouldn’t mind having a third hand that turns pages during performances and rehearsals. Seriously, technology has already gone so far, and the solution to this problem has not yet been invented. The only way out is the forScore app, which can be installed on your tablet or phone. Continue reading

10 most difficult pieces for piano

You were given a life sentence and there is only a piano in the cell? Then we have something for you… from Liszt to Scriabin-10 of the most technically complex works ever written for the piano.

1.Franz Liszt-La Companella

The work La Campanella, which means “bell” in Italian, is a piano transcription of the eponymous violin piece by Niccolo Paganini. The etude is considered one of the most complex compositions ever written for the piano. Continue reading

Why does the piano have 88 keys?

The standard piano has 88 keys: 52 white and 36 black. But who decided that this number would be the norm and why?

Before the invention of the piano, composers wrote music for the harpsichord, which has only 60 keys. This meant that all their works were limited to the five-octave range of this instrument.

Around 1700, Italian master instrumentalist Bartolomeo Cristofori decided that it was time to update the harpsichord, and came up with a new keyboard instrument with a percussion mechanism. Cristofori worked at the court of Ferdinando de ‘ Medici, where he was the Keeper of musical instruments. Continue reading

Sergey Lemeshev-Great tenor of Russia (p2)

This is a great film, and, of course, the participation of the famous singer contributed to its success in many ways.

Lemeshev is gifted with a voice of exceptional beauty and unique timbre. But on this Foundation alone, it is unlikely that it would have reached such notable heights. He is, first of all, an artistic person. His inner spiritual wealth allowed him to reach the forefront of vocal art. In this sense, it is characteristic of his statement: “a man Will come on stage, and you think Oh, what a wonderful voice! Continue reading

Sergey Lemeshev-Great tenor of Russia (p1)

At the Bolshoi theater, Sergey Yakovlevich often performed on stage when Boris emmanuelovich Haikin was at the console. Here’s what the conductor said about his partner: “I met and performed with many outstanding artists of different generations. But there is only one of them that I particularly love — not only as a fellow artist, but, above all, as an artist who lights up with happiness!

This Is Sergei Yakovlevich Lemeshev. His deep art, a precious fusion of voice and high skill, the result of a lot of hard work-all this bears the seal of wise simplicity and spontaneity, penetrating your heart, touching the innermost strings. Continue reading

Types of singing voices
Many novice vocalists are often interested in the question of what their voice is and what it is called. Today we will try to understand this important and relevant topic…


Singing increases life expectancy and saves from cancer
Swedish scientists At the University of Gothenburg have found that choral singing prolongs life. Singing along with yoga helps to control the state of the body and improve the work…


Music and hypnotic state (p1)
Hypnosis (Greek. hypnos-sleep) an Altered state of consciousness characterized by a narrowing of its volume and presumably a sharp focus on the content of the suggestion. The state of hypnosis…


Music and color
Night. The fire of ritual fires, dance to the rhythmic beat of drums, the song of the shaman, heated movements of the body in bright clothes… Even in ancient times,…